Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hair Decoration!

Hey Dolls :)
I had a play about with new babyliss tongs this morning and it was the first time my hair actually held the curl. I was a little annoyed as I spent £30 on new tongs and within half an hour the curl had previously fell out. I've never ever had this problem before with other tools - my hair pretty much just stays where it's put. I'm not quite sure what made today different, but I'm glad I could finally use them...

The tong I used was the Babyliss Pro Curl 200 - they're quite thin tongs so the curl was a lot tighter than I would normally have - my conical wand still remains my number one styling tool!

Also I wore one the bows I bought from Georgie's etsy shop...

The charm in the middle reads 'I love Paris in the Springtime'. I love it so much - it's rather unusual and I've found it to be quite a talking point. If you love your hair accessories, definitely have a look at Georgie's shop on etsy, even if you don't like wearing bows in your hair it would be a brilliant way of jazzing up a plain cardigan. I bought a few other things which I'll show you soon.

I would be much obliged if you could leave any recommendations for good tongs - for any hair experts, how does Elle McPherson get her amazing waves??

Lots of Love




  1. Gorgeous! Your hair looks so shiny :)
    I'm in need of a new pair of tongs...currently using GHDs to curl my hair but it's always a bit hit and miss as to how good the curls end up. x

  2. Aw, you always look so pretty! I wish my hair could hold a curl like that! Love Georgie's ribbon too, I bought one that she was sweet enough to donate to the Charity Blog Sale and I can't wait to wear it, I love the way you have in just on the side like that! So cute! xxx

  3. your hair looks so healthy

  4. Awwww thanks for featuring my bows in your post sweety!!! It's great to put a face to a customer, and it's also great to have found your blog through it. Your bow looks stunning in your super shiny hair, I am jealous! Thanks again lovely, enjoy them!


  5. LilyLipstick - I used to love using my old GHDs to curl though they broke then I had to buy stupid man ones as my bf wanted to sure them with me so they're too small ha!

    Pandez - it is mutual my love, you have the prettiest colour!

    May - Aww thank you, to be honest that's not the most flattering of photos but it should off the curls well!! Oooh can't wait to see you modelling it!!

    Onna - Thank yoou :)

    Jules - ahhh I bought Lush American Cream conditioner again, it's perfect for my hair!

    Georgie - Aww thank you for following! I honestly love my bows so much, they're so pretty! So thank you!!


  6. Gorgeous :) I always love how you do your hair, so so pretty! xxxx

  7. you're looking lovely as always miss xx

  8. le gasp! beaaautiful nicolaaar, your hair is so shineeeeey! I SPOT an Alice in wonderland necklace!! *swooons* ^__^ maaan, my hair throws a hissy fit and likes to be un curled on one side and stay curled on the other whenever i fancy curlin' em.. Little feckers, those strands of hair! xxxxx

  9. I'm like you, I love my conical wand! :) I haven't found a good tong, my curls always fall flat in the end.
    What I love doing at the moment, is curling my hair with the wand and the spraying my Vo5 salt spray on it, it kinda makes it beachy :) look gorgeous and LOVE the hair piece! xx

  10. aww so gorgeous! ghds is what I use to get all sorts of curls girly :)

  11. Steph - Aww thank you so much!

    Tennille - whyy thank you sweets :)

    Jules - Waaaah I've reintroduced the most marvelous of conditioners American Cream to make it shiny! Hair makes me angry when it does that!!!

    Make up Addict - The conical wand is the best!! Ooh I'll try that and thank you!!!

    Princess Feef - Thank you:)

    Shifa - I think I'm going to have to get normal sized GHDS I have the really skinny ones because of my silly bf!!!



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