Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Nailene So Natural Review

Hello :)

In my last post I shared a photo of the falsies I had been wearing for the last few days. I'm really impressed with them! At first I wasn't too sure if false nails were for me but I have grown to love them...Here's a better photo of them on.

The first thing to say about them are how comfortable they are to wear. I picked the short length nails meaning they don't get in the way, I can even text easily with them on! Also I'm really happy with how long the glue lasts. This is my eighth day of use (including a very drunken night out ha ha) which is pretty much unheard of with me and press on falsies!

Another brilliant thing is the fact that there are 18 sizes of nail within the pack meaning everyone should find enough variety to find a press on that is ideal for each of their natural nails.

I know they're a tad on the tacky side but I can't help but love them...Also I should say my manager in work is also an acrylics technician and didn't believe they were press ons!! I got these in boots for about £6 I think :)

Also I just wanted to show you a silly picture of me and Nick (my bf) wearing our geeky 3D glasses at Up last night ha ha

Who else cried at up?? I surely can't be the only one, those glasses came in handy to hide my blotchy face ha ha.

Lots of Love
Nic xx


  1. i havent seen it yet! but apparantly it's touching if it made you cry! so i might have to check that out!

    and i'm dying to try these press on nails (i've never had press on...only acrylic and i had acrylic for 2 years!) but i'm a chef so i cant wear these at work...

    :( haha but they look fab on you!


  2. Are you a fellow aussie?! Those 3D glasses look so familiar... last weekend I watched the final destination in 3D. I got those exact glasses!

    those false nails look really natural! Before I read your post, I thought they were your actual nails! Hahah.

  3. Hey no i'm Scottish!! As 3D glasses go though they're pretty cool eh? They look a bit like Ray Bans!

    Chelsea - I suppose you could wear them for the weekend if you're going out and acetone them off in time for work, probs not the best for your nails but could be done once in a while :D xx


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