Tuesday, 6 October 2009

First Post :)

Hello :)

For the last year I have been a silent lover of the you tube and blogger make up community, however today I've decided to become involved! I'm going to start routine posts on everything beauty and hair related and help share the love :D

So i'm off to get my thinking cap on about what my first post should be...just so you can put a face to the voice this is me (I'm the one on the right).

Lots of Love
Nicola xx


  1. hey i just followed your blogs :)
    can you follow mine please?

  2. hello and welcome to the blogger community! i'm new as well; pretty same as you. silent lover of youtube/blogs and finally decided to do my own! i'm addicted now!
    good luck and have fun!


  3. finished your blog and love it following :)xx


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