Monday, 18 November 2013

M.A.C Cranberry

If you have been looking for the perfect autumn/winter eyeshadow, look no further than M.A.C's 'Cranberry'.  For the last couple of years around this time, I always watch numerous 'Cranberry' You Tube tutorials, add it to my ever growing wish list and then forget it about it until Autumn rolls around again.  However since buying 'Cranberry' this Autumn, I've worn it nearly every day!

When it came to writing this post, I found it quite difficult to describe 'Cranberry'.  Depending on the light and what you pair it with, 'Cranberry' can look red, burgundy, a reddish brown and sometimes even a dark pink! 'Cranberry' is a frost which gives a really pretty metallic finish to the eye and can be used quite lightly to give a sheer wash of colour, or a little more heavily to achieve an opaque finish.  

What makes 'Cranberry' the perfect A/W eye shadow shade?
  1. It's versatile.  As I mentioned above, 'Cranberry' looks different depending on what you pair it with.  I love using Cranberry all over the eye, then smudging a little matte black shadow along the lash line and the outer corner of the eye.  Blending black into 'Cranberry' creates a really nice deep plum shade. It works as an all over lid colour, a crease colour and even a liner.
  2. It's extremely flattering. When I first applied 'Cranberry' I was a little worried as it can make your eyes look a little tired or sore when used on its own.  However, as soon as I added some dimension to my eye and some mascara, the shadow was a really flattering shade.  I have hazel eyes that often change depend on what colours I use - 'Cranberry' really brought out the greeny/yellow.  Those people with green or blue eyes would look amazing!
  3. It surprisingly compliments a number of other colours.  I've use 'Cranberry' with gold, white and purple eyeshadows, each giving very different but pretty results.  Most surprisingly though, I thought I would be quite restricted with what lipstick shades I would be able to wear, however I've worn it with nudes, reds, plums and even bright fuchsia!

Do you have 'Cranberry'? How do you like to wear it?

Love Nic


  1. I love this shadow! You're completely correct - I don't think people realise how versatile it is! i love it with greens, golds and blacks. Try pairing it with something like satin taupe or club :)

    TwentySomethingBeauty | Twitter | Bloglovin

    1. I was so surprised at how versatile a shade it is! I remember reading your post about Cranberry - it looked lovely on you! Club and Satin Taupe are two of my favourite M.A.C shades - I haven't worn Club for so long! x

  2. I really like this eyeshadow. Cranberry was my third MAC e/s purchase, waaaay back in HS. I think it's a very sultry color, and it's sexy/not overly in your face. I wear it in the day sometimes; it beats bronze/brown/taupe sometimes.

    1. I definitely agree! So nice from a break from the usual brown/taupe neutral eye! x

  3. I hold my hands up, I have longed after this eyeshadow every Autumn/Winter but have not quite got round to actually purchasing it.. yet. It definitely makes your eyes stand out Nic and I love how versatile it can be. I NEED!

    Barbie Sparkles | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Charlotte you need to buy it - it would look amazing with your eye colour! x

  4. Gorgeous, although I think every shade suits you pretty lady!

    Jennie xo |

  5. I am a big fan of eyeshadows with a reddish tint! This one looks beautiful and I love the look you've created! :)

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx


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