Monday, 11 November 2013

Keeping toasty this winter...

Winter is my favourite season; I love the food, the smells and the weather it brings.  In Scotland there is a phrase, to 'coory in' which describes exactly what I love about winter:  it's that feeling of coming home from a freezing cold night, getting straight into my pyjamas, cranking the heating up, getting  festive scented candles and twinkly lights on and having a cuddle with your loved ones.  In other words, I love to hibernate in winter.  

However, when I am reminded that I do sometimes need a social life and I'm forced to venture outside, I want to be as cosy as possible.  Remember when your mum would wrap you up in a huge puffy jacket and zip you in, right up to your chin, so you would have to turn your whole body if you wanted to look left or right?  I may of hated it then, but that's what I strive for now in my winter clothes.  While it may not be quite cold enough for that yet in Glasgow, I wanted to share some of the pieces I've recently bought to keep me toasty warm this winter.  

As soon as I saw this parka in Topshop I had to buy it.  It's the cosiest coat I've ever owned - the sheepskin and fluffy hood are detachable, though I'm not sure why you would want to take it out, it's the best part!  If you are thinking of buying this parka, be warned.  You will spend half of your day either being asked where your coat is from (three different people have chased me around shops without me noticing as I had my headphones in) or avoiding people trying to stroke your hood.  The other half of your day will be spent trying to ignore other people walking down the street in the same coat - it seems to be very popular! I don't ever understand why some people have such a problem being seen in the same clothes as others - if you buy from the high street surely this is unavoidable!? 

My scarf and boots are from River Island.  The scarf is huge and unbelievably cosy! As I sit near a huge window in work, I often end up wrapping it around me to keep warm.  It also comes in red and orange - I am sorely tempted by the orange version! I wanted a pair of cut out boots for such a long time, but was looking for a pair without a heel so was delighted when I found these (link here).  They are so comfortable and well made and look amazing with pretty much anything - I've worn them with leggings, jeans and dresses. I've paired them here with a pair of frilly sparkly socks from Primark to keep my feet extra toasty!

What are your favourite pieces to help keep cosy this winter?

Love Nic


  1. Ohh your coat looks so cosy!! You look beautiful <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. that scarf is to die for! need it in my life x

    1. There's a matching hat too that's went into the sale! x


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