Wednesday, 7 August 2013

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Duo

REN has featured quite heavily on Magic's in the Make Up recently but I seem to fall in love with every product I've tried!  This has only been made worse with the opening of a new Marks and Spencer beauty hall five minutes from my house...I swear my bank account cried the day I heard about this.  

My most recent REN purchase is the Moroccan Rose Otto Duo gift set, which contains a 200ml body wash and 200ml body cream (a gift to myself for meeting my 2 stone slimdown target but more on that later in the week!).  The REN moroccan rose products smell absolutely amazing.  Often, I can find rose scents a little overpowering, however REN have managed to create a scent that is subtle, not too sweet but also long lasting.

The body wash has quite an unusual gel formulation that is a lot thinner than the majority of other shower gels I've used in the past.  The body wash leaves my skin feeling clean, but not stripped and after I've stepped out of the shower I always notice how soft my skin feels.  I can't stand using a body wash that leaves my skin feeling tight or sticky.  Admittedly, it's not the most foaming of body washes, however I would rather this over the inclusion of sulfates.  Despite this, it still feels extremely luxurious to use and is perfect to use as part of a pamper session

As I've mentioned previously, I dislike thick body creams and the REN Moroccan body cream has the perfect consistency.  It's not too thick but still leaves my skin feeling extremely soft.  It sinks in well and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky.  I've found that layering the body cream over the body wash allows the rose scent to subtly stay on my skin all day.

I love the packaging of both REN products, it feels well made and the pump makes both products  clean and hygienic.  However, I can imagine it might be quite difficult to reach the product at the bottom of the tube - I'll keep you all updated.  Individually, you can buy the body wash for £17 and the body cream for £26, however if you buy the duo together it costs £38 saving £5.  The set comes beautifully packaged making it a perfect gift - even if it is a present to yourself!

Have you tried any REN body products? I really want to try the Sugar Body Polish next!

Love Nicola

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