Thursday, 25 July 2013

Zoeva Eye Brush Set

Recently, I visited Love Makeup with the intention of ordering some new Sigma brushes.  While browsing, I came across a brand I had never heard of before, Zoeva.  After a quick google search and reading nothing but rave reviews, I decided to buy one of their eye brush sets.

Zoeva is a german brand who produce a wide range of brushes and make up. For £30, I got 7 brushes and a 15ml brush cleanser, perfect for spot cleaning.  The set comes in a waterproof, zip lock bag bag and all brushes in the set are made from natural hair.

228/Crease Brush

The 228 is a fluffy tapered blending brush (similar to the M.A.C 224) that I love to use to blend out crease shadows.  Made of goat hair, the bristles are very soft, helping to gently diffuse any harsh lines - I also love it for applying highlighter on narrower areas like the bridge of my nose and cupids bow.

227/Soft Definer

The 227 is another blending brush, flatter in comparison to the domed 228.  A lot of reviews I've read have compared this to M.A.C's 217 however I find it to be a little softer and shaped slightly differently (although they do very similar jobs).  The 228 fits perfectly into the crease of my eye helping to blend together my crease and lid colour.  

You can see the difference in shape and density of the two blending brushes in the photograph above.

234/Smoky Shader

If you love smoky eye make up, you need this smoky shader brush.  It is absolutely amazing for blending out eyeshadow along the upper and lower lash lines.  It's stiff enough to blend colour seamlessly but soft enough not to scratch or drag the skin around the eye.  


I love how multipurpose pencil brushes are - they can be used for depositing shadow in the crease, mapping out the shape of my eye shadow, smudging and depositing precise colour.  The 230 is perfectly shaped and sized for highlighting under the brow bone and the inner corner.  

231/Petit Crease

The Petit Crease was the one brush I was most excited to try.  It's quite thin and tapered  making it perfect for crease work.  The shape and size of the brush helps to create a defined crease look and can also be used to smoke out shadow along the lash line.  However, it's the only brush from the set that I've found sheds slightly when washing.  

317/Wing Liner

Of all the brushes in the set, the wing liner brush is the one I've used the least.  It's a little too big for me to use as a liner brush and a little too soft to use for my eye brows.  However, I do think it would be good to use with eye shadow as liner.

315/Fine Liner

One of my favourite brushes of the set, the fine liner brush has made applying gel liner an absolute breeze.  I can't believe how much easier applying liner is with an angled brush! The brush is very fine, allowing for very precise application.  I don't think I will ever be without it!

The majority of Zoeva brushes on Love Makeup retail for around £5 which is outstanding for the quality.   You can also place an order on the Zoeva website who offer worldwide delivery!  I would love to know if any of you have tried Zoeva brushes - if so what other brushes do you recommend?

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  1. wow these brushes look really great and excellent value. I love the look of the liner brush xx

    Kristie from Kristie Blogs Beauty //
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    1. I really can't recommend them highly enough!!

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