Saturday, 25 May 2013

Happy New Hair Day with Rainbow Rooms International

Recently, I got rather a lot of hair chopped off at Glasgow's Rainbow Room's International and in a bid to keep my hair as healthy as possible, I invested in a couple of new hair care products from the Rainbow Room's own line.

I had no idea that Rainbow Room's had their own haircare line, with all products made in Scotland.  I've been so impressed with everything I have tried so far, with one of the most intriguing products being the 'Must' hair and skin conditioner.

I have never heard of a conditioner that can be used both as a treatment for hair and as a body moisturiser.  'Must' is an extremely light but moisturising product - I was surprised at just how quickly it sinks into my skin and how smooth and moisturised it made my skin feel.  'Must' has quite a light scent that smells slightly masculine.

As a conditioner, 'Must' can be used one of three ways: as a traditional wash out conditioner to be used after cleansing, as a leave in conditioner applied to damp hair, and finally as a light styling lotion which can be used on both wet and dry hair. As a regular conditioner, 'Must' leaves my hair very shiny and soft and is light enough to be used everyday.  I'm always a little wary of leave in conditioners as I have quite fine hair that can get quite weighed down by products, however Must is extremely light weight and leaves my hair manageable and so soft. 

When my hairdresser recommended 'Must' to me, I couldn't help but think it was a gimmick - there was no way that one conditioner could be used as a skin moisturiser, a regular conditioner, a leave in treatment and a styling product...but it actually works! You all know I love a multi-purpose product and 'Must' takes this to the extreme.

'Must' is extremely affordable, considering all of its uses, priced at £10.45.  If you don't live in Scotland or don't have access to Rainbow Rooms, the company have an online shop which you can find here and they offer worldwide shipping.   Also, Rainbow Rooms have a brilliant you tube channel with lots of hair care and styling videos which you can watch here - you can see 'Must' being used as a styling product in one!   

Lots of Love

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