Thursday, 7 July 2011

Philosophy Pure Grace

Hey Dolls :)

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm off work at the moment with a hideous virus which has meant various trips to Boots have been made for lots of tissues and beachams. However, I was overcome with excitement (overreaction) when I realised that Boots have started to stocking lots of lovely new brands. I was most excited to see both a Stila and Philosophy stand. I celebrated with a little purchase...

I have a thing about smells...I'm always conscious of wanting to smell 'clean'. Philosophy say pure grace is designed to make you feel like you've just stepped out the shower, which is amazing for me as I normally go for two showers a day! It smells clean, fresh and soapy without being too overwhelming.

The bottle is simple just like the fragrance, which is exactly what I love about it. It's perfect for workdays as it isn't cloying or overpowering. It's such a unique scent, I've honestly never smelled anything like it! Pure grace is an eau de toilette, and I've found that for it to be long lasting you do need to layer it a little. It costs £32 for 60ml and you can get it from boots (advantage points- yay!) and John Lewis.

What Philosophy products do you recommend?

Lots of Love


  1. I love my Philosophy Purity Cleanser, I barely have any left :(

  2. GREAT BLOG! absolutely LOVE it! you are so inspirational! and in the mood for some eyecandy? have i got a treat for you! check out my most recent post.

    follow me?

  3. My favourite philosophy product was the Ice Cream Man collection. I think they discontinued it ages ago - it smelt so good x


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