Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My Face!

Hey Dolls :)

When it comes to foundation, I prefer to switch between products, depending on my particular skin needs of that day. However, one particular combination seems to very quickly have become a favourite of mine...

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

Tiffany recently sent me this as I couldn't find it in the UK and I am so grateful as I love it! In the pallete there are two concealer shades, a colour corrector and a setting powder. Previously, I had always sworn by MAC's studio finish concealer, however when I picked it up again I realised how grainy and cakey it can appear in comparison. The concealers are so creamy and blend seamlessly into the skin - I find that mixing the lighter and darker shades together give the perfect colour for my skin tone. The corrector is ideal to use on any redness and blemishes and the powder has a lovely brightening effect for under the eyes - if you can get your hands on this I really recommend giving it a try!

Chanel Mat Lumiere

Mat lumiere was a bit of an impulse purchase - I was always in two minds about how the finish is described - matte but with a luminosity, particularly as I have oily skin. Often, mattifying foundations can look a little plastic and made up, however the luminous particles in mat lumiere really do create a more natural finish. It gives a good deal of coverage however I have noticed, particularly in this humid heat, that the longevity is no where near other foundations I have tried - by mid afternoon I need to touch up my make up.

One thing I love about mat lumiere is how beautifully it photographs - It looks very natural and 'skin-like' as opposed to a mask. While mat lumiere is not perfect, it is definitely fulfilling my foundation needs of the moment!

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre

I have finally found a transluscent powder that doesn't break my skin out! This powder is so silky and glides effortlessly onto the skin creating a really soft finish. It never looks powdery or cakey, neither does it cast an ashy tone. Again, it photographs beautifully - this with mat lumiere is definitely my new combination for wearing on a night out! While it is expensive for powder, the tub is huge and you use a minimal amount of product with each application - I can see this lasting me a long time!



As you can see, this combination evens out my complexion and covers any redness while still looking natural!

Lots of Love


  1. UGHHH! I want both the Sonia Kashuk palette AND the Chanel Powder! Reading blogs is so terrible for my bank account. But seriously, thanks for the review.

  2. I've been asking everywhere but, do you think Mat Lumiere would suit dry skin? I mean I am not terribly dry, but I found Pro Lumiere to be sooo dewy it was a bit crazy.

  3. I'm so glad you like the concealer palette! I've been going through mine like no one's business, lol! I want to try that Chanel powder so bad...I love everything Chanel. Surprise surprise ;) xx

  4. I so want to try that Chanel Mat Lumiere, thanks so much for sharing! <3

  5. I don't know why, but I always imagined the mat lumiere to look a bit heavy and fake but it looks gorgeous! xo

  6. This post is of all the things i want for summer, lucky lucky girl. As soon as i get back from my holiday they must all be mine :)
    Your skin looks so natural and flawless in the after photo

  7. Alex Kay - Ha I know! Blogging is the worst thing that has happened to my bank balance ever!!!

    Modniza - no problem :)

    Justine - Hmm I have read a couple of reviews on make up alley written by people who have dry skin and really like it - it is good because it isn't completely matte though I would be a little worried that it may cling a little to dry patches, less though than the likes of el double wear etc - I would definitely go and speak to the chanel counter and see ask for them to try it out on you?

    Tiffany - Thank you x 44749 again :DD Ha I know i'm going through a bit of a chanel fan girl phase at the minute - it honestly creates the prettiest 'halo' though I will admit I have tried better at controlling oil!

    Tenaca - I definitely recommend it!!

    Emma - I know exactly what you mean - I always thought it would look a little like mac's studio fix fluid!

    Roxanne - ha I definitely recommend them!!And thank you so much!


  8. you look flawless! i really want to try out a chanel foundation, this post makes me want to get one even more! x

  9. Ive been really enjoying my mat lumiere these days.. It looks lovely on you!


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