Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Big Hair Heated Volume Rollers

Hey Dolls :)

What a ridiculously long title for a post! I am in love with Umberto Giannini's heated rollers (despite their silly name) which I have used everyday since I bought them.

You get six rollers in total, comprising of four large and two smaller rollers. They are probably the biggest heated rollers I have ever used/seen which was why I was instantly drawn to them. Once switched on, they are ready to use within ten minutes,- I turn them on when I blow dry my hair and leave them in my hair while I do my make up and munch my breakfast which I've found to be the perfect time for my hair (around half an hour, however the thicker your hair is, the longer the better). With a spritz of hairspray the style lasts all day!

Importantly because of the size, these rollers are not designed to curl, rather they are to be used to achieve volume. Here is a before/during/after...

As you can see, the rollers add shape and body to my hair, using a fraction of the heat I normally would using straighteners or tongs. They have taken all the work out of styling my hair early in the morning! Unfortunately, due to the size and weight of the larger rollers, it can sometimes tug at the root of the hair which can be quite painful, however I've found if you reposition the roller and ensure the hair is wrapped really tightly this is solved. You can also see the length of my natural hair isn't particularly long and I can still use the larger rollers, it takes a little practice (and I'm still not very neat) to get the position right but persevere and it becomes easy!

If you like curled hair, these would be brilliant to use in conjunction with smaller heated rollers to give beautiful, bouncy hair! I got my set in boots for £30 - are you a heated rollers fan?

Love Nicola


  1. These look great, i do like rollers and the bigger the better in my opinion :)

  2. Ooo your hair looks lovely! I think I may give these rollers a go and see how it goes for me xxx

  3. I love the look of these, I have ventured into heated rollers yet- I just have normal ones I use, which I do love. So I may try them out.
    I do love a good bit of volume in my hair x

  4. Ooo, these look very good.. I've never used rollers before properly cos I can see myself doing one side really well and they other crap cos that's what normally happens haha
    Looking beautiful Nic, & that lipstick is lovely xx

  5. Nicoletta - Ha I agree!!!! Even just velcro rollers are amazing!

    Abi - Let me know if you try them!!!

    Steph - I love velcro rollers and to be honest you could just blast them with the hairdryer and they'd be much the same!

    Abbie - Aww it just takes practice! And i'm not very neat as you can see ha! Aww thank you sweets - you have it,it's toxic tale :D



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