Thursday, 14 April 2011

Why boys are rubbish...

Hey Dolls

This week I was confronted with the words no girl wishes to hear, especially whilst watching the vampire diaries...

'You're going to have to stop spending so much money on make up'

My initial reaction, like the child I am, wanted to have a complete tantrum. However, after some consideration I suppose Nick is right - the fact I keep finding make up still in the bag that I don't remember buying is silly, especially when we have a whole new house to decorate (I did however, knock over all his stupid Futurama toys as way of revenge). So today I took to my make up drawers and had a rifle and rediscovered two rather pretty products...

In this picture I am wearing Accessorize's merged blush in pretty please and for the first time, despite buying it two weeks ago, bourjois effect 3d gloss in 61. Every time I try one of the Accessorize blushes I can't believe how pretty they are. Pretty Please is probably more effective as a highlight as I really had to layer it on to see the pink. The bourjois lip gloss in the tube looks really pink but seems to look more peach on my lips. I love the formula of it, it isn't sticky at all and lasts quite a long time on the lips without going all gloopy. However, I am a wee bit undecided about the wand, it's a soft plastic applicator which is a little big for my freakishly thin top lip.

Fitting in with the thrifty theme, the very next day I had planned to buy a new conical wand from Sally's - it was a lot thicker than my babyliss one and I was imagining long loose waves. However, today I tried using my huge toni and guy tongs like a conical wand. I just wrapped my hair around the barrel and held it for a few seconds. I really love the effect it gives!

Let me know if you're a make up pauper too!

Lots of Love


  1. Oh girl I'm in the same boat! I have $400/month car payments to make and scarcely make enough to get by during the school year. Once I start my full-time job this summer, you better believe I'm gonna have a makeup hayday!

  2. My boyfriend said the same thing to me the other day and after thinking about it and looking over at my blusher and lipstick drawers that don't close because they're too full, I decided he was right too. Of course I'm not going to tell him he was right :p LOL.

    You look super pretty lovely! Your hair is beautiful and I'm very jealous! xoxo

  3. You are looking so lovely! My boyfriend also tells me to get rid of my make up as I only use a third of it! I hate to admit he's right! ;) x

  4. I remember Adam saying to me about a year ago "how much money do you spend on make-up" and I only have in the past month realised that I need to stop buying so much.. I think I have enough makeup to last me about 5-10 years hahah apart from foundation and mascara obv!
    You look gorgeous in that picture though and your hair is stunningggg! xx

  5. I'm about to move in with my boyfriend and I suspect these words are going to come soon - I'll just have to tell him this is my version of all the DVD's/football season tickets/technological gadgetry that he buys, except he can't use my eyeliner (well he could I suppose!) and I use all of he stuff he buys too. I don't think what I buy is excessive...*cough cough*

  6. My boyfriend banned me from buying make-up when we moved in together last August....I have had the occasional treat but nothing like before. All the mac collections just taunt me :( I allow myself one purchase from each (two if I'm feeling flush :P) It does make you rediscover what you've got though. Just look forward to the occasional treat :) or buy clothes instead
    Belle xxx

  7. You do not have a freakishly thin top lip! Boys are so silly - he deserved to have his Futurama toys knocked over after that comment if you ask me! You look absolutely gorgeous, Nic. Very fresh and natural. I love the Accessorize blush you got me too and everyone seems to be all about those Bourjois lipglosses lately! xx

  8. Haha, love this :)
    If my boyfriend commented on my make up spending id kindly/no so kindly remind him on how much he spends on a single xbox game and i think that put that conversation to a halt ;) x

  9. I can't even imagine if the boyfriend said that to me, lol! He does tell me I'm obsessed and spent a lot of money on it but then we have a talk about all the cds he receives in the mail each day, hah! The blush is gorgeous!

  10. That blush looks lush on you :) Also, I want your hair! It's gorgeous xxx

  11. allaboutalexx - uggh it's rubbish being grown up eh!? Happy shopping in the summer!

    Jennie - Ha blusher and eyeliner are my vices!!! And I would never admit to Nick he was right ha! Thank you :)

    Emily - thank you gorgeous!

    Abbie - I know I've been getting make up guilt lately! Thank you my love!!

    Lucy - Good Luck!!! I know I had a problem when I would sneak bags past nick when I came home from shopping...haha I like your thinking!

    Belle - see i've totally lost track of mac collections! I've slowly learned to not let myself be sucked in with the words limited edition - it was hard and I didn't always win, but it was worth it in the end hahaha!

    Tiffany - thanks ladyy! Starlet is definitely my favourite! The glosses really are lovely, quite thick but not sticky so perfect for non lipstick days!

    Princessx - thank you!

    Makeup Owns my Heart - Exactly!! Don't get me started on guitars/hockey stuff, I think we're even!!

    Cait - Hahaha he has a point I suppose, though I hate to admit it!!!! It's definitely becoming one of my favourites!!

    Kim - Thanks sweets!!! Ha ha you can buy it from foxy locks ;)



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