Friday, 1 April 2011

I fail at life

...well at make up anyway. Tonight I'm going to a friend's engagement party and spent a reasonable amount of time doing my make up...I was quite happy until I snapped some FOTN photos...

1. Double Wear you irritate me - how can something look so nice in person but look so bad in photos!? I hate that grey ghost face DW gives as a result of the SPF, look at the colour of my face compared with my neck ugggh!! I need some serious photo appropriate foundation suggestions!

2. Apparently I have lost the knack of putting on false eye lashes - what is up with my right eye lash!? Thank goodness I looked at these before I went out!

Though how amazing is illamasqua's succubus?? At least I got one thing right...

Have a lovely weekend!!


  1. Oh I think your makeup is nice :) Love how it makes your eyes pop . And succubs HOLY MOLLY, it's gorge! x

  2. I like it except from the flashback :) I always find putting some Revlon photoready over the top of a foundation containing spf gives a good effect for nights out :D


  3. MUFE is forever my friend for pics. It never fails me.

  4. I agree with Lilllisal, have you tried MUFE HD? And believe me, I know how you feel. I have a photo from two summers ago where my face looks just like yours does but it wasn't because of SPF in my was because of the MUFE HD Powder! I hate that stuff now. And Succubus looks AMAZING on you, Nicola! xx

  5. Am now following and absolutely love your blog! I'm having a beauty blog hop so we can connect the beauty blogger community. Come check it out!

  6. I completely understand what you mean, i keep getting comments 'you look really pale in that photo' not good at all! If you find the perfect foundation please let me know.
    False lashes are the worst, one day it'll be a sec to put them on and other times ive just wasted 30mins, what us girls do!

  7. I think you look gorgeous hun, lips are such an amazing colour! xx

  8. I love the lipstics!
    And at least you normally manage to put false eyelashes on - i've successfully put false eyelashes on TWICE in my life! just TWICE!

  9. Ahhh I'm no help in the foundation arena. I too am loyal to DW and suffer the same problem!

  10. i think you look lovely!
    mind you we've all had those days where we think 'eurgh what do i look like?' lol xx

  11. I'm feeling exatly the same with false eyelashes.. I used to be awesome at putting them on all of a sudden i'm rubbish at doing them now.. soo irritating xx

  12. Marilou - Thank you sweets! It's amazing eh!?

    Princessx - Thank you :)

    Shivvy - Ohh I'll definitely try that, thank you!

    Lillisal - ahhh I've been thinking about MUFE, It's just so hard to get in Scotland!

    Tiffany - I have the mac prep and prime powder which I think is quite similar to the MUFE HD and I never wear it anymore as I never manage to buff it in properly as hard I try! I really want to try MUFE but I don't know what shade to buy as I would have to buy it online hmmm!

    Makeup owns my heart - I think I'm going to try chanel matt lumiere next so fingers crossed! Ha ha I think when you think what false lashes actually are they seem a little odd!

    Miss EBlog - Aww thank you!

    Binia - ha I think I need to start practicing again!!!

    Allaboutalexx - Boo, it's so annoying!!!

    Sarah - Thanks lovely, ahhh I know :(

    Abbie - Ha why does that happen!?



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