Friday, 7 May 2010

Illamasqua and Gin

Hello Everyone :)

Today was my first finals exam and I royally messed it up. I sat down skimmed through the questions, finding the perfect one for the topic I was most worried about. I re-read the question just as I began to write my conclusion I realised I had misread the question so my essay was ALL wrong - I had written about 20th century literature rather than 21st...BIG FAT FAIL coming my way...

So to cheer myself up I consumed the biggest gin of my life, ate lots of bierhalle pizza and went to Illamasqua...

This makes me happy! Everytime I'm at the Illamasqua counter I always pick up Perilous and swither over whether to get it or not, this is why...

Yep it's orange and completely out of my comfort zone. This lipstick is called perilous and is scarily bright! However, I love orange on other people and was pretty much convinced by the lovely Illamasqua lady that it should my summery look. To be honest it didn't take much convincing. I think it looks beautiful with heavy Kohl rimmed eyes yum!

To go with my new orange lips, I needed pretty orangey/peachy cheeks obviously...

This is called excite and is unlike any blush I've seen. It is ridiculously pigmented - you only need the teeniest tiniest amount to get such a pretty colour!

I had been eyeing up the two bronzers from Body Electrics but couldn't decide so instead settled for the duo which contains them both...

Ahhh yet again you've cheered me right up Illamasqua!

Lots of Love


  1. Oooh I was in Bierhalle for the first time the other week, it was DELISH! x

  2. I love the fact that you had to buy a new blush to go with your new lipstick - that's going to be my new motto! Lol.
    You never know, the exam board might not fail you. If you wrote it well (even though it wasn't in response to the question) they'll still give you marks. You get marks for writing your name so at least you'll have something :) chin up!
    I'm in my first year of doing English Literature and have my first exam on Friday - arghhhh! xx

  3. Aww yayy for Illamasqua goodies! They're all beautiful. xoxo

  4. Forgot to say, have a look at's beauty clearance section - they've got some Illamasqua at half price. I bought an eyeshadow in Bronx which came through the post today for only £7.50! xx

  5. I love everything that you bought! The lipstick in particular is lovely. Can't wait to see it on you. Aw that sucks about your exam, but hopefull you'll be alright :D. I always shop after awful exams - it's pretty much the rules haha. xo

  6. Oh no, exams are terrible, I buggered up my final one at uni, just had a complete mental block with it! Glad you cheered yourself up with some lovely goodies though xxx

  7. Oh no poor you! :( I completely screwed up my A level exam for Philosophy, i just had no idea what the question was about and just waffled on pretty nonsensically :P
    Fantastic haul though! I'd love to see Perilous on and a swatch of exotic, i have one of their blushers and it's amazing.

  8. Sorry to hear about the exam but those purchases are fabulous! I always feel the need to shop after exams...even if it's just something small to make me feel a little bit better! I love the shade of that lipstick - orange lips are actually surprisingly wearable! x

  9. ahhhhhhhhh lil dude =(
    so sorry to hear what happened, i know how worried you was about it =(
    hopefully you can re-take or something?! either way, these things always happen for a reason, you will see!
    im here if you need to talk, and i never say gay things like that so count your self special =)
    haggis flavoured kisses xxx

  10. Sorry to hear about your exam hun, Ive got my first one next week. All the best for the rest of your exams! retail therapy is amazing! :D xxx

  11. Hello!

    I just purchased Perilous online and I'm starting to regret it... Is it that bright? I've got Flare which way too bright and I can only use it when I'm really tanned otherwise it's too much. "¡Ay Dios!" :/

    Nice blog!!

    Isabel x


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