Saturday, 1 May 2010

April Favorites

Hello Everyone :)

I had a half day at work today and decided rather than spending it studying I would schedule a few blog posts and catch up on Keeping Up With the has been rather pleasant so far! Here are my monthly favorites for April...

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Perfect Topping

Gaaaah I'm so irritated at myself, I dropped this when I picked it up to take the photo and it shattered...first laguna now this! Why am I so clumsy? I rescued as much of the powder as I could and will be embarking on a repressing mission later! Anyway...I've been using this MSF lots this month, it is such a pretty highlight. It's a lot more finely milled than a lot of MSF's so there is no risk of a glittery face. In my Perfect Topping, there is a lot more pink-champagne veining than lavender which I really like. If you ever have the chance to buy it, I definitely recommend that you do!

Seche Vite and Boots Rose Cuticle Oil

I am in no way a nail expert and need some serious nail care lessons but I have fallen in love with seche vite after only having it a week. I am quite hard on my polish and so far I have had OPIS's Deer Valley Spice on for four days without chipping - that is a miracle! I also can't believe how shiny it makes your polish. I bought the Rose cuticle oil when I bought the other Boots Original Formula products. I really like it - I like the pipette dropper, it smells pretty and most importantly it works! It makes a nice change from lemony flutter.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Yep, still loving it. I love the amount of coverage, the way it makes my skin look and how long it lasts. Ahhhh you've heard me say it all before!

Lush Happy Hippy Shower Gel

This is perfect for sleepy mornings when I don't want to drag my bum out the shower. It smells so refreshing and citrus-y that you can't help but feel awake and chipper!


My love affair with Benetint has been rekindled! I have a love/hate relationship with benetint but because I'm spending so much time in the library studying for exams, benetint has been good as it's so long lasting I don't need to worry about re-application...vain I know.

Hell Kitty Make-Up Bag

I don't know if this really counts - but it's so cute I had to include it! Have you all seen the new Hello Kitty range from Boots? I love it all and this bag is perfect for chucking all my make up in if I'm staying overnight!

Barry M Gold Iridescent Gold Glitter Dust

Another re-discovery, I love this glitter dust to add a bit of sparkle on a night out. You can tell that the glitter is quite big so doing your eye makeup first is a must!

Hope you all had an Amazing April and all have a Magnificent May (yep, not getting any less lame haha)

Lots of Love


  1. i hope you fix your MSF
    great april favourites :)

  2. I did the exact same thing!
    I just took pics of my Nars eyeshadow and then dropped it..
    sigh.. gutted!


  3. Great faves babe. Have you written a review of the double wear foundation? Im interested in it.


  4. Abbie - Ohhh I know, I managed to fix Laguna so fingers crossed!!

    Jessica Rose - It's really upsetting! Are you going to try and fix it luv?

    Jo - Ha ha you are about to witness a miracle, I reviewed Double Wear in the middle of the worst break out my skin has EVER had because I used this funky face wash at my friends...


  5. Awww that Hello Kitty bag is so cute!! =)
    Nice picks...I love Mac MSF's too!


  6. Love reading the monthly favourites hun!!! keep up the good work!....:) x

  7. I must try that cuticle oil. I love the vintage packaging! x

  8. Aru - hehe I love it!!! This is one of the first MSF's that hasn't turned me into a shiny mess so I really like it!

    Emmalou - Thanks hunny!!

    Tackyblueeyeshadow - It totally reeled me, luckily the oil is actually good!


  9. I have the rose cuticle oil too. I have only used it a little bit and so far it hasn't made much difference (but this isn't really it's fault, i abuse my cuticles shockingly) but i love it anyway, i love the smell and it feels soft and good on my fingers. The Hello Kitty bag is adorable!

  10. I cannot live without the Seche Vite


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