Saturday, 19 October 2013

Review: Sleep-In Rollers

One of the best discoveries I've made since starting blogging is velcro rollers.  I absolutely love big, voluminous hair (You can read more in this old post) and to date, the best  I have tried are the 'Sleep-In Rollers'.

'Sleep-In Rollers' are by far the easiest to apply, the comfiest to wear and most secure rollers I've tried.  As you can see above, the rollers are extremely flexible and filled with sponge, which supposedly helps you sleep in them.  I haven't personally tried this and I'm not sure I  ever will as I'm such a fussy sleeper, but they are so comfortable to wear during the day and don't tug at my hair.  

In preparation for a night out, I normally apply the 'Sleep-In Rollers' in the morning and get on with my day (at home, I'm not as brave as others to brave it outside with my rollers in).  I've cleaned my whole house wearing these and not once has a roller fell out.  With other velcro rollers, I spend the whole day trying not move my head in fear of them all falling out.  'Sleep-In Rollers' are so light to wear that I pretty much forget that I have them in.  After leaving my rollers in all day, I'm truly left with huge hair that I can mould into any voluminous hair style I wish.  They work especially well with the Glitz and Glam hair piece I blogged about last month.

However, I particularly love 'Sleep-In Rollers' for when I have plans mid week after work.  As my hair is quite fine, by the end of the day it can look a little flat and lifeless.  All I have to do is pop the rollers in for an hour or so while getting ready and when I take them out my hair looks bouncy and freshly washed - it's a hair care miracle! I've found that adding a little 'Dust It' into the roots of my hair and fringe before applying the rollers really helps and keeps the volume in my hair all night.

In this photo, I let my hair air dry 80% and then blow dried it to help with frizz.  I then sprinkled some 'Dust It' at the roots, popped the 'Sleep-In Rollers' in for about an hour and was left with big, bouncy hair without using a lot of heat.

Lastly, how amazingly CUTE is this cat ear hairband from River Island?  Allowing me to bring a little Halloween spirit to my wardrobe without walking about in full fancy dress .

Lots of Love


  1. I've always wondered about sleep-in rollers, not sure if I'd actually be able to sleep in them but these sound great for during the day. Love the cat ears! x

    1. I don't think I could sleep in them either but they're definitely perfect for during the day!!

  2. Really glad i found this because i want to try velcro rollers ( complete rollers virgin here ). I'll have to give them a try. Thanks chick x

    1. I think they'll be perfect to use first time! So easy to use as they grip the hair really well - let me know if you buy them and how you get on!! x


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