Thursday, 8 December 2011

Milani Rose Hip

Hey Dolls

I recently completed a make up swap with the beautiful Jess from Getting Cheeky and as per usual, I depended on her to help me compile my wishlist  Immediately, Jess recommended Milani's Rose Hip - Jeeeeez does that girl know how to pick a lipstick!! I had never heard of Rose Hip before, but a quick google image search later I knew I was going to love it!

I went out for dinner earlier this week and felt it was the perfect opportunity to wear rose hip.  Despite getting lipstick everywhere (Please tell me I'm not the only one who is incapable of going out for dinner and not get lipstick all over their glass/food?) I absolutely love rose hip!

Fuchsia's are definitely my favourite 'night time' lipsticks. Rose hip has everything I could ever want  - it's pigmented without feeling heavy, moisturising and doesn't settle into any lines.  Although the colour didn't last the whole night, the lipstick is so pigmented that it takes very little product to reapply.

What do you think of Rose Hip? Have you tried any other Milani products? I really wish they were more readily available in the UK!

Love Nicola


  1. That is a gorgeous colour! Reminds me of something.. may macs chatterbox
    I'm going to NY next year so hopefully I'll get my hands on all American goodies :D xx

  2. I love that color on you! It looks lovely :)

  3. it looks amazing on you! i'm more of a red girl, i've yet to find a pink that suits me! your hair is looking gorgeous too x

  4. One of my favorite lipsticks ever! Great one to get used to brights :)

  5. I am SO happy that you love Milani Rose Hip! This lipstick just screamed you :)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Hiya doll! Hoping your able to make the scottish bloggers meet? Your hair is always amazing!

  7. Abbie - Missed your face!! In person I think it looks like a more wearable candy yum yum (which looked ridic on me!)I always wanted chatterbox! Also you will LOVE NY!

    Amy - Thanks lovely!

    Charlene - Thanks love! I love reds too though! You're lucky that reds suit you so well!

    Sarah - I can imagine this looking amazing on you!

    Jessica - Thank you so much for sending me this :D

    Rani - Thanks doll! I meant to email the meetup address! I wanted to wait to see what shift I'm on - finish at 5 so I could meet you all after!



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