Thursday, 24 March 2011

What I Look Like Lately

Hey Dolls :)

I am rather excited to be posting today FINALLY! There has been several things preventing me from posting in the last couple of weeks namely coming home from Paris, moving house, my last ever 3 essays for Uni, work and no internet. Nick and I still don't have an internet connection installed in our new house yet so I'm currently typing this post in the library and fear those around me must think I'm rather vain talking about photos of myself...

Anyways, since it's been so long I thought I would show you how I've recently been wearing my hair and make up during the day.

Face - M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer / Estee Lauder Double Wear mixed with moisturiser / NARS Laguna / Benefit Coralista

Eyes - MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack / MUFE Smoky Lash

Lips - N.Y.X Round Lip Gloss in Doll Pink

I have been loving mixing double wear with my moisturiser, I've been feeling that it's a little heavy for my skin on its own. I've been considering trying double wear light - have any of you tried it? I've also rediscovered coralista, I bought bella bamba when it first came out and initially loved it. However, after seeing photos of it back I'm not too sure if it's the most flattering on me. Coralista however really is lovely, it gives a lovely glow to the cheek without being BOOM sparkle up in yo face!

As for my hair, it's been pretty much piled up on top of my head every day - could it be I've conquered my ear fear?

In other news - This is pretty much the only thing playing on my ipod lately

Lots of Love


  1. love your eyeliner and your hair! xxx

  2. Well you still look beautiful!
    Sam xx

  3. You look beautiful! Love the liner, makes your eyes like HUGE :) xoxo

  4. Your skin looks gorgeous. Love your eyeliner too. Great to see you back! x

  5. Ooo I love your hair and make up here. I always fail miserably with thick flicked eyeliner like this, it just doesn't suit me I don't think! I have Double Wear Light and absolutely love it btw! I don't actually like normal double wear, so I definitely recommend trying it. Lighter, but still has the staying power! xxx

  6. your skin is looking incredible right now!I am a oduble wear light fan and I totally love it,think it could be perfect for you,I would defo go and get a sample Bxx

  7. Chloe - Thank you so much!

    Manths - Awww thank you :)

    Natalielinsay - haha I know, I hadn't really noticed until I seen these photos!

    Lily - Thank you sweets!

    Hannah - Aww that's rubbish! I actually prefer thinner liner but felt like a change this morning! Ohh brilliant, I think it sounds perfect as I really love how long it lasts it's just a bit heavy!

    BeautyH2T - Thank you! I'm definitely going to try and get a sample this afternoon, it sounds lovely!


  8. so cute, your skin looks flawless xx

  9. You look so nice in these pictures! Have you lost weight again? it really looks like you have!


  10. You are stunning! Love your make-up, i can never get my eyeliner perfect but as they say, practice makes perfect :)

  11. Well lately you've being looking goooooorgeous :)
    I can never put my hair up like that, It never looks quite scruffy enough if you know what I mean haha xx

  12. I feel like I've missed your last 3 posts, where have I been!?! Haha. You look great & your make-up is gorgeous :)

  13. Looking super pretty! I've just started using double wear and love the oil-controlling power, but I'm wondering what you use to apply it? I've tried a couple different brushes/sponges and haven't found anything I love yet.


  14. pretty,pretty makeup!! xx

  15. Thank you so much my loves!

    Shivvy - Thank you so much for noticing <3

    allaboutalexx - sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, just got the internet in my house today! I honestly find with double wear the easiest way is just to use your fingers, it sets so quickly and by using my fingers I can work in really small areas ensuring its blended in well :)


  16. You look so gorgeous :) I need Coralista in my life! xxx

  17. loveee your hair and makeup like this! lovely xx


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